9 Qualities That Make a Good Health Insurance Agent

Qualities of Health Insurance Agents

An agent plays a very crucial role when you buy any health insurance policy. He is the person who tells you about the products, processes, and other things related to policy and the company. If your health insurance agent is good and honest then it is very good for you.

But if your agent is not good enough and not honest for you then you may face some challenges. In my opinion, your agent should have the following qualities.

1- First and most important he should be honest for you. You agent should not mislead or misguide you. He/She should explain everything with honesty so that you do not face any problem later.

2- Your health insurance agent should have sound product knowledge. If he/she is well equipped with the product knowledge then may able to provide you the most suitable policy for you and your family.

3- Your agent should consider your need first. First, he/she should understand your need and expectation from the policy. He should sell you the policy as per your need rather than his/her choice.

4- Your agent should tell you the product features and benefits properly. So that you can understand policy benefits and you can take the decision properly.

5- He/she should explain the policy terms and conditions in detail. If it is explained well then you may not face the problem later. You will be aware that what is covered and what is not covered in the policy. You will be aware about is claim conditions and process etc.

6- Health insurance agent should not hide anything. Hiding things may be very risky and will be disappointing for you. For example, Suppose your agent hide the details of waiting period in the policy. The agent explained to you that there is no waiting period for pre-existing disease.

After two months you came to know that there is a waiting period of four years for pre-existing disease in your policy. It would be very disappointing for you.

That’s why agents should not hide anything regarding policy. Your agent should explain important points without fail.

7- If you have any doubt and confusion at the time of buying a health insurance policy then you must ask your agent. He/she should clear all your doubts and confusions. If your agent doesn’t know the things at the moment then he/she should ask from his senior.

8- Your agents should be supportive in nature. You may need some support at the time of claim and other endorsement related services. He/she should be ready to support you at this moment of time. It is the time when your agent can give you the best service and have a long term relation.

9- Health insurance agents should be a good listener also. If an agent is a good listener then will listen to your need and expectation.

Selections of good health insurance policies are important but it is also important that your agent is a good one. Simultaneously you should be very cautious while purchasing the policy. You must read product brochures, its features, and benefits.

Don’t forget to read your policy documents once you receive it. All the best.

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