Third-Party and comprehensive Insurance

Third Party or Comprehensive: Which is Better for Two Wheeler

Two-wheeler is a common mode of transport in India. The huge Indian population is riding a two-wheeler. This is the general confusion among many riders that which insurance is better. Should you...
Add On Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance

Should You Buy Add On Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Does a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy sufficient to policyholders? Does a comprehensive policy cover everything? Ideally, basic comprehensive insurance policy is not sufficient and you can enhance its coverage by opting some...
Safety tips for bike riders

Safety Tips for the Riders of Two-Wheeler: Stay Safe on Indian Road

Either you or me, everyone want safety while riding a two-wheeler. But sometimes our careless approach makes us in danger. We can’t stop the chances of accidents of our bike while riding....
Claim Process two wheeler insurance

Claim Process: How to File Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement?

This is the very crucial stage when you required any claim for your two-wheeler insurance. It is very important that you have an appropriate insurance policy. In India...
mistakes while buying two wheeler insurance

What Mistakes You do While Buying Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

We are living in the era of technology and it is not a big task to purchase two-wheeler insurance. Open a website or app of the company, after a few clicks your...
Should You Purchase Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Should You Purchase Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy or Not?

There are two types of insurance options available for two-wheeler insurance. You can take policy for a one-year term and multiyear terms. But the question arises that why...
Things You Must Know if Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Has Expired

Things You Must Know if Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Has Expired?

Riding two-wheeler without insurance is a punishable offense in India. Minimum third-party insurance is compulsory to drive motor vehicles on Indian Road. So, it is ideal advice for everyone to have a...
Personal accident cover in two wheeler insurance

Personal Accident Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance: Step By Step Guide

In 2019, more than 21 million two-wheeler vehicle was sold in India and may also increase in the coming years. Two-wheeler users are huge numbers in India. Now you can guess that...
Tips to reduce two wheeler insurance premium

How to Reduce Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium: 9 Tips

Lack of knowledge may cost you a high two-wheeler insurance premium. However, by adding some knowledge you can reduce the premium for your insurance policy and save some money.
best two wheeler insurance

How to Select Best Two Wheeler Insurance Policy: Tips

It’s really very tough to select the best two-wheeler insurance policy. There are many insurance companies operating in India and there are different plans and features available. We...