Engine Cover In Car Insurance

What is Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance: Features & Benefits

Engine protection is an add on cover in car insurance policy which you can take by paying an additional premium. It basically covers the consequential loss of your car engine. Your comprehensive policy is...
What is Return to Invoice Cover

What is Return to Invoice Cover in Car Insurance – RTI

Comprehensive insurance policy safeguards you from the third-party liabilities and own damage or theft of the car. But this policy is not sufficient if your car gets damaged totally or stolen by someone. If...
How to reduce car insurance premium

How to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium – 17 Important Tips

Multiple Motor Insurance companies are working in India and providing car insurance. These companies provide different offers and plans regarding. Means we have lots of options and opportunity to find out the best one...
Reasons for Claim Rejection

Top 21 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim Gets Rejected

We all know that we are living our day and night full of uncertainties and accidents can happen at any time anywhere. If You are using any car then you may need a car...
Consumable Cover in Car Insurance

Consumable Cover In Car Insurance – What Does It Cover?

Consumable cover in car insurance is an add on to provide the cover for consumable items. These are some items like nuts, bolts, grease, clips, lubricants, oils, washers, etc available in cars that are...
Zero Depreciation

Zero Depreciation Cover in Car Insurance: Step By Step Guide

Zero depreciation is also called the Nil Depreciation cover. You can take by paying an additional premium. When you file any claim on the occurrence of any damage then the company pays you claim...
No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus in Car Insurance: Step By Step Guide

No Claim Bonus in short is called NCB. It is a reward given to policyholder when doesn’t file any claim in his or her car insurance policy for the policy year. As name showing...
17 tips to select best car insurance

17 Tips to Select the Best Car Insurance Policy: Step by Step Guide

Everyone would like to have a best car insurance policy. But I have experience that when people want to buy a car insurance policy then some of them directly go to the insurance company...