What is Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance? Tyre Protect Add On

Tyre protection Cover In Car Insurance
Tyre protection cover is a very valuable add on cover in car insurance. But should you really buy this add on cover? We all know that Tyre is a very important part of the car. Without it you can't drive it even a meter on the road. Mostly Tyre is an expensive item and...

How to Process Theft Claim for Car Insurance in India: All Steps & Smart Tips

Theft claim process
Car theft is not new news in India. Even it is a big problem because a huge number of car theft cases come every year. If you lost your car and have a comprehensive car insurance policy then you can file the theft claim. Third-party insurance does not provide you the coverage for own damage and theft...

What is Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance? Important Add On

Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance
Key replacement cover is very important to cover in car insurance. However, some people ignored this when they buy a car insurance policy. Let’s understand that ignoring of key replacement cover is good or not? What will you do if you lost your car keys somewhere? You have searched everywhere but didn’t find it....

How to Avoid Buying Fake Car Insurance Policy in India?

How to Avoid Buying Fake car Insurance
Fake car insurance policy is not a new news. Many people get fooled by some fake company or fraud agents every year. Most of the time people get victims of fraudulent car insurance because they buy without proper precautions. Even in many cases people don’t know that they have purchased a fake motor...

What is Compulsory and Voluntary Deductible in Car Insurance: Guide

Everyone would like to purchase the best car insurance with maximum benefits and minimum premiums. Nowadays technology has made it easy to purchase insurance on few clicks. But there are some insurance terminologies available which make us confuse at some time. Deductibles are also among of these terminologies. It was...

What is Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance: Features & Benefits

What is Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance is an important and valuable add on in motor insurance policy. Just imagine for a moment that you are going on a trip and your car gets punctured or the engine gets damaged or some mechanical breakdown. Now what will you do? You will search for a mechanic who can do...

No Claim Bonus Protection Cover In Car Insurance: Step By Step Guide

No Claim Bonus Protection
When you buy any new two-wheeler or car insurance policy you don’t get any no claim bonus. After the first claim-free year you get a bonus at the time of renewal of the policy and that is called No Claim Bonus (NCB). For the first claim-free year you get a 20% bonus. On...

What is Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance: Features & Benefits

Engine Cover In Car Insurance
Engine protection is an add on cover in car insurance policy which you can take by paying an additional premium. It basically covers the consequential loss of your car engine. Your comprehensive policy is not sufficient to protect any consequential loss because it comes under the exclusion. Now question is that does the damage...

What is Return to Invoice Cover in Car Insurance – RTI

What is Return to Invoice Cover
Comprehensive insurance policy safeguards you from the third-party liabilities and own damage or theft of the car. But this policy is not sufficient if your car gets damaged totally or stolen by someone. If you have the basic comprehensive policy then you get your claim according to insured declared value (IDV).

How to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium – 17 Important Tips

How to reduce car insurance premium
Multiple Motor Insurance companies are working in India and providing car insurance. These companies provide different offers and plans regarding. Means we have lots of options and opportunity to find out the best one at the minimum car insurance premium. Car insurance pricing is increasing in India rapidly and even IRDA has recently announced...