Network and Non-Network Hospitals: Step by Step Guide

Network and Non-Network Hospitals
Network and non-network hospitals is crucial part of your health insurance policy. You must be aware that your insurer provides you cashless benefits under your policy or not. In order to provide a cashless claim, health insurance providers tie-up with certain hospitals. You can get a cashless claim in case of network hospitalization....

Pre & Post Hospitalization: How Does it Work in Health Insurance?

Pre and Post Hospitalization
Pre and post hospitalization are inclusive features of health insurance policy. Health insurance policy covers hospitalization expenses. However, it also covers the medical expense incurred before admission in the hospital and after the discharge from the hospitals. It is applicable only in inpatient hospitalization. You can better understand with this example:

Portability: Should You Port Your Health Insurance Policy?

Portability of health insurance
Are you thinking about the portability of your health insurance policy? If yes, then why are you going to port your insurance? You should know the answer before you switch your policy to another insurer. Of course, you have the option to port your policy to another insurance company. But...

Health Insurance: 19 Tips to Select the Best Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance policy
Buying the best health insurance policy should be on your priority list. In my opinion, it may be your great investment because ultimately it is for you and your family. It May save your lot of money in case of medical emergencies. Risk and uncertainties are everywhere and at every minute. Day by day...