Do’s & Don’ts: Important Points While Buying Health Insurance

Do's and Don'ts while buying health insurance

Buying a health insurance policy for yourself, and for the family is a good financial decision of life. It is a really very appreciable decision. There are certain things which you should know about the policy. You should be aware of do’s and don’ts of health insurance.

In my view, proposal rejection is better than claim rejection. You should check all the important points before you buy your policy. So, that you do not face any problem at the time of claim in the future.

Your insurance company may reject your claim if you hide any pre-existing disease or any other materials facts. Here are some do’s and don’ts of health insurance.

1- Fill your proposal form by yourself. You should not let others fill your proposal form. You must be very careful while filling the proposal, either online or offline.

2- Fill all the details in the proposal form with honesty. Don’t hide anything and don’t represent any false information. Fill all the required details correctly.

3- Don’t hide any pre-existing disease of any insured members in the policy. If you or any other member is suffering from any disease like BP, diabetes or anything else then mention it in the proposal form.

4- Before you submit the proposal form, please cross-check all the details once again. You may keep a copy of the proposal form for the future reference also.

5- Read policy terms and conditions carefully and understand it. Understand all the inclusions and exclusions of the policy.

6- You should read and know all the waiting periods. You should know the initial waiting period, pre-existing waiting period clause, and waiting period for specific diseases.

7- Don’t take anything lightly. You should know policy restrictions, Co-pay, limits, and sub-limits in the policy.

8- If you don’t understand any policy clause or have any confusion while buying your health insurance policy then you must ask to agent or insurer. You should clear all the doubts and confusion before buying the policy.

9- You must know about your policy renewal condition. What is the maximum age limit for renewal? You can renew the policy lifetime or up to a certain age limit only? You should know it.

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