Network and Non-Network Hospitals

Network and Non-Network Hospitals: Step by Step Guide

Network and non-network hospitals is crucial part of your health insurance policy. You must be aware that your insurer provides you cashless benefits under your policy or not. In order to provide a cashless...
Do's and Don'ts while buying health insurance

Do’s & Don’ts: Important Points While Buying Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy for yourself, and for the family is a good financial decision of life. It is a really very appreciable decision. There are certain things which you should know about...
Qualities of Health Insurance Agents

9 Qualities That Make a Good Health Insurance Agent

An agent plays a very crucial role when you buy any health insurance policy. He is the person who tells you about the products, processes, and other things related to policy and the company....
Free Look Period in health insurance

Free Look Period: How to Cancel a Health Insurance Policy?

All health insurance policies come with a free look period option. With this option, you can cancel your health insurance policy during this period. Example: A few days back, Mr Abhishek purchased a health...
Grace period in health insurance

Grace Period: What is the Grace Period in Health Insurance?

Every health insurance company provides a grace period in health insurance policy. We purchase health insurance policies to secure our family and maintain financial stability in life. If there is any medical emergency and...
Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance: Why You Should Consider to Have it?

In the current scenario, a Cancer Insurance policy has become one of the important requirements of life. "Cancer" this word has become a very deadly and dangerous word for us in India and in...
Why Health Insurance

Reasons: Why You Should Have a Health Insurance Policy?

In my opinion, everyone should have at least one health insurance policy. It is one of the important financial decisions of life. Unfortunately, some people do not show any interest in it. However, some...
Health insurance with OPD

OPD Cover: Should You Buy Health Insurance With OPD Benefits?

A few years ago there used to be only a basic comprehensive health insurance plan. But in the current scenario many health insurance companies offering OPD cover. But the question is why it is...
Best Health Insurance policy

Health Insurance: 19 Tips to Select the Best Health Insurance

Buying the best health insurance policy should be on your priority list. In my opinion, it may be your great investment because ultimately it is for you and your family. It May save your...
Portability of health insurance

Portability: Should You Port Your Health Insurance Policy?

Are you thinking about the portability of your health insurance policy? If yes, then why are you going to port your insurance? You should know the answer before you switch your policy to another...