Personal Accident Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance: Step By Step Guide

Personal accident cover in two wheeler insurance

In 2019, more than 21 million two-wheeler vehicle was sold in India and may also increase in the coming years. Two-wheeler users are huge numbers in India. Now you can guess that two-wheeler users are very high in India.

There is a high chance of accidents while riding on the road. You can understand that risk of a two-wheeler accident is very high on the road. Risk and uncertainty are always there on the road and any mishap can anytime.

What is Personal Accident (PA) Cover for Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Personal accident as the name suggests that it indicates accidental particulars in two-wheeler insurance. Personal accident cover provides protection for owner-driver against accidental death or injury.

Maximum coverage for owner-driver in personal accident add on is Rs. 15 lac. PA cover for owner-driver is mandatory by law. You may also take additional cover for pillion rider or co-passenger by paying a nominal additional premium.

Accidental coverage for third party individuals or people is covered under the third party portion of the policy.

Benefits of PA Cover

We cannot predict the timing of an accident on the road. That’s why you should always prefer accidental coverage in a two-wheeler policy. It will protect you from financial loss in case of accidental injury or death.

It provides coverage of death and disability against accident. There are following benefits are available under PA cover:

Accidental Death

This policy provides financial compensation if the owner-driver dies in a road accident while riding a bike. Under this coverage, the company provides 100% of the sum assured to the family of policyholders.

In case of sudden death of the insured can be a huge financial hit for the family. Due to the death of earning members, families can face financial crunches.


Any accident can cause small injury and severe as well.  A severe injury can cause temporary disability or permanent total disability in the individual.

Personal accident cover provides financial compensation against Permanent total disability. In the case of Permanent Total disability, nominee get the compensation of 100% sum assured.

In case of an accident there may be a possibility of some partial permanent disability also. In this case companies provide compensation up to a certain limit.

CoveragePercentage of Compensation
Accidental Death100%
Permanent Total Disability100%
Loss of two limbs or two eye sight or one limb and one eye sight100%
Loss of one limb or one eye sight50%

Is it Compulsory to have PA Cover?

Yes, it is mandatory by law. As per the Motor vehicle Act 1988, personal accident cover is compulsory in motor vehicle insurance. Under this Act only third-party damage was mandatory.

But later it PA cover becomes mandatory for the owner-driver also. Reason behind it to provide financial protection to the owner-driver’ family. Since January 2019, it is compulsory to take a personal accident cover of Rs.15 lacs.

In some cases, you can get relaxation to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy without the PA cover of the owner-driver. PA cover is not compulsory to purchase if not having valid driving license.

Second, if you have a PA cover of Rs.15 lac in another vehicle or you hold a personal accident cover policy of Rs. 15 Lac then also it is not mandatory by law.

In both cases you can avoid to opt personal accident cove in two-wheeler insurance policy.

Eligibility to Have PA Cover?

If you want to take personal accident cover for the owner-driver then you need to have a valid driving license and being registered owner of the vehicle. The company doesn’t pay any claim if someone is driving a motor vehicle without having a valid driving license.

A brief details of different personal accident cover in two-wheeler insurance policy is given below.

Owner DriverYou can opt-in Comprehensive or Third party insurance policy.
Accidental coverage of Rs. 15 lac.
Pillion Rider or Person Sitting behind the riderThis is available as an optional cover in a comprehensive and third party insurance policy.
Coverage is up to sum assured.
Third party Individual or peopleIt is covered under the third party policy section. Coverage is unlimited.
Paid RiderOptional in Comprehensive and third party policy.
Coverage as per Workmen Compensation Act.

For details please read your two-wheeler insurance policy and company terms & conditions.

Claim Process and Documents

Under the personal accident coverage for the owner driver claim can be filed by surviving owner or nominee. To file a claim you can follow the following steps.

Intimation: You should intimate to the insurance company about the incident and loss.

Police Report: Please report to police and do FIR.

Documentation: Submit the claim application form and other required documentation. You may require to submit KYC documents, FIR Copy, medical reports, death or disability certificate, etc. Documents may vary from case to case.

Survey: Insurance companies may conduct a survey for the assessment of the loss and situations.

Other details: Provide all the details correct and do not hide anything related to the incident. Please avoid giving two different statements for the same situation.

In the case of a third party claim process maybe something different. Final claim amount decided by the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal.

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