Safety Tips for the Riders of Two-Wheeler: Stay Safe on Indian Road

Safety tips for bike riders

Either you or me, everyone want safety while riding a two-wheeler. But sometimes our careless approach makes us in danger. We can’t stop the chances of accidents of our bike while riding. But I am sure we can reduce the risk of accidents by applying some safety tips.

As you may know a huge number of two-wheeler users are available in India and this number is also increasing day by day. The risk of riding a bike accident is also high on the road.

Maybe you have experienced that bikers are more in a hurry than car users on the road. That’s why sometimes we notice rough driving or zigzag driving on the road which is very dangerous.

Following are some safety tips for the riders

1-You Should Wear Quality Helmet

We all know that we should not ride a bike without a helmet. However, we can notice many people on the road without a helmet. A lot of deaths and disabilities happen in India because of head injury only.

Wearing a helmet can save your head from injury in an accident. You should always wear a helmet while riding a bike and the helmet should be good quality only.

Many people had saved their life because they were riding with a helmet and they didn’t get any head injury while accident. We should not take it casually and being a responsible person, we should always wear a helmet at the time of riding two-wheeler.

Riding without wearing a helmet is a punishable offense and there is heavy penalty for it. By wearing a helmet while riding you can save your life and money also.

2- You Should Not Drink and Drive

This is very important to understand that you should not ride your vehicle when you are in the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are doing this you are making your life very risky.

The influence of alcohol make us incapable to ride the vehicle. In India it is a punishable offense when you ride after drinking alcohol.

There can be heavy fines and or imprisonment for this. You can take a taxi or alternate travel source when you are drunk.

A lot of people drink alcohol in India but this your responsibility also that you do not put your or others life in danger on the road. Be responsible and avoid riding after drinking alcohol.

3- Avoid Talking on Mobile While Riding

A small distraction on the road while riding a bike can be very risky. Whenever you talk on mobile, your concentration from the road is distracted.

Emotions always fluctuate and it compels us to react. Talk on mobile can be full of happiness and full of anger also.

Research always concludes that talking on mobile while riding is always increasing the risk of an accident on the road. So, you should avoid any mobile talk while riding. It for the safety of yours and the other people on the road.

4- Use of Proper Indicator

Showing the wrong indicator can also be the one reason for the road accident. Suppose you are giving an indicator that you will turn right but suddenly you turn left. Guess what may happen?

People behind you are just thinking that you will turn right and they are driving to that mindset.

But suddenly if you will turn left then of course there may be chances of collision of vehicles. That’s why the proper use of all the indicators is also important.

5- Ride Bike Within Your Physical Capacity

Doing anything beyond your physical capacity will be full of risk. Especially in case of riding a bike. You should ride two-wheeler according to your body structure and its capacity. You should buy a bike which suits your physical capacity.

Suppose, someone is very thin but wants to ride a very heavy bike then it may be a dangerous ride. He may put his and others life on risk.

There are a lot of things on the road which you need to manage while riding a bike and this will be tough if you are not able to maintain the balance of you and bike even.

Do not buy the just because of its looks only but also check which one is more comfortable for you.

6- Avoid Riding Without Safety Gears

A good biker should have some basic stuffs of safety gear. Wearing elbow guards, jackets and other safety gear can save you a lot. If you are a bike lover or ride for long-distance then you must not avoid these things.

You can use it according to the weather conditions. Different weather conditions may require different safety gear for you.

7- Bike Servicing Must

You will agree with me that the maintenance and servicing of two-wheeler is important. When you purchase the bike, you get a user manual regarding its servicing. To maintain the functioning and efficiency of the bike, you should always do regular serving and maintenance.

For smooth functioning you need to change oil and lubricant on time to time. Your bike should be fit before riding on the road.

8- Have a Valid Insurance Policy

As per the Motor vehicle Act 1988 it is mandatory to have third party insurance for your vehicle. However, you should opt for a comprehensive insurance policy to cover third-party and own damage both.

If you are a regular user of two-wheeler then you must have roadside assistance. You can opt it within your insurance policy or you can also take this from other sources separately. This is basically a service which you can get in case of any road emergency.

9- Avoid Riding Under Bad Weather Condition

Bad weather like heavy rain etc is not suitable to ride a bike on the road. So, you should avoid riding in bad weather conditions. But if it is important to go out with your bike then be very careful on the road. Try to maintain speed low and have proper balance.

During monsoon weather, visibility becomes low. You should on headlight if in case of low visibility. It is totally different to ride in a rainy season than normal weather. So be very careful.

10- Speed Limit

You may have noticed signboards regarding the speed limit on the particular road. This speed limit is done after a lot of research and work. 

This is only to maintain the traffic management on the road and avoid the risk of an accident. We should not do over the speeding of the vehicle.

Avoiding over speeding is beneficial for you and other as well.

11- Turning, U-Turning and Other Road indicators

This is one of the important points which is ignored by many people. You should do proper turning and U-turning on the road.

Sudden turning on the road will put you and others at high risk only. You should drive in the proper lane and mind that you are driving in your lane only. You should never ride your bike in the wrong lane.

12- Don’t Jump Traffic Signal

Red-lights are arranged for a specific purpose and that is traffic management with safety. Breaking traffic signals very common in India which is not the right practice.

Jumping red-light not only increases the traffic however it makes people in danger. Most of the bike accidents happen due to only breaking red-light signals.

While crossing light, you must be double sure that you are crossing on a green light. Be sure that you are giving proper indicators on the road.

13- Do Inspect Your Bike Before Riding

Check your bike at least once before you ride. Check the tyre pressure, clutch, gears, all the light & indicators, etc. You must be satisfied that the vehicle is completely functioning. Check the fuel level. If it is low then your first priority should be to fill the fuel.

Tyre pressure should be correct. Improper Tyre pressure may increase the risk of accidents on the road. Please don’t take it lightly if you want a safe ride.

14- Avoid Riding When You Are Angry

Anger is always harmful either you are riding a bike or not. But if you are angry then you should avoid riding a bike because anger increases the risk on the road.

In anger you can ride your bike very rough and it can cause an accident.

15- You Should Not Eat Heavy Food Before Riding

Especially at night, you should avoid eating heavy food before riding the vehicle. Heavy eating can make you sleepy and it can be dangerous in nature. Have a low meal at night if you are going to ride the vehicle.

16- Don’t Drive Tripling

Riding tripling on one bike has no sense. Two-wheeler is made of only two people. You should never ride tripling because it not only imbalance the vehicle but also increase the accidental risk.

if you are riding tripling means you are not following all the safety tips for the riders.

17- Maintain Safe Distance From Another Vehicle

Be sure that you are maintaining a safe distance from another vehicle. Having no space between two vehicles may increase the chances of collision of the vehicle.

Mind your surroundings also. Do not try to rough overtake to any vehicle. You overtake other vehicles only when you see good space.

18- Mind Road’s Obstacles

There may be many kinds of things which can be obstacles on the road. You can notice breakers, railways crossing, animals, dust, and other things on the road. You should care about these distractions while riding.

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