What is Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance: Features & Benefits

What is Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is an important and valuable add on in motor insurance policy. Just imagine for a moment that you are going on a trip and your car gets punctured or the engine gets damaged or some mechanical breakdown. Now what will you do?

You will search for a mechanic who can do the needful repair. But sometime it may not be easily available at the place where your car gets a problem.

What if you get this service on a phone call? What if your insurance company arrange this service spot? Obviously, it will be very helpful to you at that moment.

Some time it is very tough to find out a mechanic or other related service on mid of the road. Roadside assistance is the solution to this kind of problem.

What is Roadside Assistance (RSA)?

Roadside assistance is an add on cover which you can buy in your car insurance or two-wheeler insurance policy. Under this add on insurance companies provide you some emergency service.

Some insurance companies provide RSA as an inclusive feature of the comprehensive insurance policy. However, some companies provide as an add on cover.

Emergency service of RSA may include towing services, breakdown support, fuel supply, taxi arrangement, hotel stay, medical arrangement, key arrangement, and other combinations of services.

Services Roadside assistance and its terms & conditions may vary company to company.

If RSA is not inclusive features of your policy then you can buy it as an add on cover by paying nominal charges. It is a very useful cover and should purchase it.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

List of emergency Services totally depends on your RSA plan which you have in your car insurance policy. Insurance companies may include following emergency assistance services to their customer.

Towing Service

Insurance company arranges your emergency towing service if your car is damaged on the road or your car is unfit to drive on the road.

Your car may be in immobilized condition due to mechanical or electrical breakdown also. Your insurance will provide towing service up to the nearest garage.

Normally there are no charges up to a certain distance limit. Charges beyond the distance limit will be borne by the policyholder.

Fuel Arrangement

Maybe, suddenly your vehicle’ fuel tank is empty on the road and you need some fuel to drive the vehicle further. Insurance companies can arrange a certain amount of fuel at the location.

Normally the fuel limit is up to a maximum of 5 liters. However, this amount may vary in different insurance companies. Please note that the fuel charge may be borne by the policyholder in some companies.

Battery Jump Start Service

Suppose, your vehicle battery is run down and your vehicle is immobilized due to down battery. Your insurance company will arrange the technician to jump-start the battery.

If there are any battery parts or battery replacement then the charges of it will be borne by the policyholder.

Flat Tyre Service

Your vehicle’s Tyre is a puncture on the road and you are not able to drive it further due to flat Tyre. In this case, your insurance company will arrange technician to repair.

The technician will repair or change the flat Tyre with the spare Stepney Tyre at the location. It depends on the situation.

But in case you don’t have any spare Tyre to change it at the breakdown location then flat Tyre will be taken to the nearest shop to repair it and delivered back to attach it.

Taxi Arrangement

There may be possible that your vehicle is breakdown due to an accident and it cannot be repaired at the moment. How will you go further?

In this kind of situation, your company may arrange an alternate mode of transport from the place of breakdown.

Normally insurance companies do the arrangement of the alternate vehicle or taxi but the charges of it will free up to limited distance only.

Beyond the distance limit charges will be borne by the policyholder. However, conditions regarding charges may vary in different companies.

Arrangement of Keys

Losing key inside of the car or anywhere else is not new news for anyone. Sometimes people forget the key inside the vehicle and car get locked or forget the key somewhere.

In this situation, the company will arrange the pickup of your spare key from your place of office or residence and deliver it to the location.

If you don’t have any spare key then the company will arrange a technician to unlock the car by alternate method. In both the case company may take some KYC document to be assured that you are the owner of the vehicle.

Hotel Accommodation

For example, your vehicle is immobilized due to breakdown or an accident and not possible to get repaired on the same day.

In this case, your company may arrange a hotel stay in the nearest location of the garage. Insurer pays the hotel stay cost up to a certain limit in Roadside assistance.

There may be some conditions like breakdown location should be a minimum 100 km away from your residence. Minimum of 12 hours required to repair the vehicle.

Minor Repair

In case there is some minor problem in your vehicle and it needs some repair then you can get the arrangement of a mechanic to repair the vehicle.

Roadside assistance is a very beneficial tool that is very useful in many emergency situations.

What is the Premium of Roadside Assistance?

Premium for roadside assistance is nominal in almost every motor insurance company. However, premium and features of roadside assistance are not the same in all the companies.

You can select the plan according to your requirement and budget. Please go through your policy documents to read the terms and conditions of the roadside assistance.

Does it Really Beneficial for You?

Yes of course, it is a very good add on cover. Emergency can come anytime anywhere on the road. Sometimes you can not arrange the technician or required serviced yourself on the breakdown location.

In that case, a Roadside assistance plan can help you. The good part of this service is that charge is very low. However, it is totally depending on you that you buy it or not.

Limitations of Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is provided by almost all the motor insurance companies in India. Each and every company has its own terms to provide the services under RSA.

Normally RSA has some geographical limitations and monetary also. You will not get this service beyond the permissible geographical limit.

For better utilization of services under roadside assistance, you should read your policy document of the vehicle.

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