What is Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance? Tyre Protect Add On

Tyre protection Cover In Car Insurance

Tyre protection cover is a very valuable add on cover in car insurance. But should you really buy this add on cover? We all know that Tyre is a very important part of the car. Without it you can’t drive it even a meter on the road.

Mostly Tyre is an expensive item and for luxury cars, it is more expensive. Now the question arises that does your comprehensive insurance policy cover protect Tyre or not?

If Tyre damage without meeting the vehicle in an accident then it does not cover in a comprehensive insurance policy.

That’s why a comprehensive policy is not sufficient to protect the tyre. To fulfill this gap you need to buy additional cover.

What is Tyre Protection Cover?

Tyre protection cover is an add on which you can buy by paying an additional premium. It covers the repair and replacement of tyres. It covers accidental loss or damage/cut to the tyres.

Normally do not cover any manufacturing defects in tyres. You can claim a maximum of four tyre replacement during your complete policy period.

Trye protection also covers labor charges during repair or replacement. Different insurance companies may have different policies and terms.

Coverage and Compensation

Either you will repair or replace the tyre. It will totally be depending on the situation and level of damage to the tyre. The insurance company will allow to replace it with the same make and specification.

If the same make and specification are not available then the company will pay up to the payable limit only. The company will not pay betterment charges. Policyholders pay the charges over and above of the same make and specifications or betterment.

Labor charges for removing and refitting of tyre is normally covered under this add on cover. Any unrelated accessories or item or any maintenance cost is not covered.

What is the use of Roadside assistance for tyre?

Roadside assistance is not to cover replacement of the tyre. It is to assist you on the road if you face any emergency like sudden flat tyre etc. Under roadside assistance, the company will arrange someone to repair your flat tyre.

If needed the person will also change the tyre with the spare tyre if you have in your car.

In case you don’t have any spare tyre in your car then it will arrange to tow the vehicle to repair from the workshop.

Exclusions of Tyre Protection Cover

There are some exclusions list also where you will not get claim under tyre cover. This list may vary from company to company.

Consequential loss: The Company will not cover any consequential loss of the tyre. You will not get the claim if your tyre is damaged due to any other consequential means. You should not continue to drive your car after any damage or incident.

Damage due to race or rally: You will not be paid any claim if your tyre is damaged because of participation in any race etc.

Routine maintenance: This add on does not cover routine maintenance like adjustment, balancing or alignment, etc.

Normal wear and tear: After a time period of use there will be normal tear and wear in the tyres. Insurance companies don’t cover normal tear and wear.

If Not repaired at authorized garage: Under tyre cover normally companies allow you to repair your tyre on authorized garage or dealer only. If you don’t do so then your insurer may reject your claim.

Geographical Limit: You must use your vehicle withing your geographical limit only. Any damage or loss to tyre beyond the geographical limit will not be covered in the policy.

Other exclusions: loss or damage arising out because of improper storage or transportation.

Damage or loss before policy inceptions. Any modification which is not approved by tyre or vehicle manufacturer. Loss or damage because of negligence behavior.

There may be many other exclusions also, for other details you can go through your policy documents.

What if Your Tyre is Stolen?

Still, there may be a question in your mind that what about theft of tyre only? Generally, tyre add on cover does not provide coverage against theft claim of tyre only.

Yet you can check with your insurer. May be your insurer provide the claim if it is available in your policy. However, in case of theft of the whole vehicle, you can do a theft claim in your comprehensive insurance policy.