What Safety Precautions You Should Take While Using Ola or Uber Cab?

Safety precaution while using Ola and Uber

I have used a cab many times in Delhi. In my experience, there are many things which we need to take care of. On the basis of my observation, news, and other’s experience also, I can say that lot of safety precautions we need to take care of while using ola or Uber cab . Especially for women in India.

Ola, Uber and other app-based taxi is very common in India. We book it on few clicks only because it easy and convenient. In past years there was a problem to get an auto or taxi. It was not so quick to get a taxi or cab like today.

In My observation and experience following are some safety precautions which you should take care:

1- Be Sure About Ola or Uber Cab Details and Driver Name

Whenever, you book any ola or uber cab from your mobile application then you get some details on SMS. You also see some details on your app. It shows details like Vehicle Make and Model, Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Color, and driver name, etc.

Before you sit in the cab, you should always match all these details. You should also ask the driver name to match it. You should not take the ride if you find any mismatch in the details.

It may be some kind of trap also. You should cancel the ride if you find any mismatch and also report it.

2- Check the Hygiene of Ola or Uber Cab

When you sit inside of the cab then you must check the hygiene of the cab. Check that that is neat and clean. There is no alcohol kind of smell etc. You should also be sure that the driver is well and he doesn’t have any flu-like symptoms.

It must be checked that driver is not drunk and he is fully able to drive the cab. If the driver is in the influence of alcohol then this situation can not be safe for you. If you find any think inappropriate then you should avoid this ride.

3- Keep Eyes on Route and Your Mobile GPS

If you are going through your known route then it well and good. But it is not possible for everyone and every time. Whenever you are using any cab then you should keep the eyes on the GPS tracker of the cab.

If the cab driver is deviating from the route then ask him not to do that. Maybe the driver says that it is a shortcut but even you should deny it. It may be dangerous for you. Especially for women. Any mysterious turn may be the sign of danger.

You need to keep on your mobile GPS also so that you can closely monitor the way. If you find anything inappropriate then you can take action accordingly.

4- Share Cab Details with Your Near and Dear

When you book a cab then you receive an SMS. You get detail of vehicle details and driver name etc. You should share these details at least with one of your family members. If your regular user by cab then also share these details.

it can be very helpful in case anything goes wrong. This is very important for women at least.

5- Have Some Emergency Apps and Contact Numbers In Your Mobile

You must download some emergency app on your mobile. There are many good apps are available in the play store which can be used in an emergency. You should also have some emergency contact numbers in your mobile.

Keep the contact number of police, ambulance, and your family members on your phone. So, that you can use it in any emergency situation while using any cab.

Whenever the driver does any kind of harassment then call the police and your family. You should also report to ola or uber cab company which one you are using. Make sure that your mobile’s battery is charged enough.

6- Don’t Share Any Password, Debit Card, Credit Card Details in Cab

Maybe you are the person who also shares a credit card or debit card number or password with a family member. Sometime it may give you a big loss if you do it publicly.

Whenever you are inside of the cab then avoid sharing these details verbally with your family or near and dear.

Someone from your family member might need these details for important work. But you should avoid sharing your debit card or credit card details and password while riding through the cab.

7- Customer Trip Insurance

Whenever you use Ola cab then you have the option to chose Customer Trip Insurance. It Is a valuable option to select and it is optional. This insurance may cover the following things-

  • Missed flight due to driver cancellation or uncontrollable delays
  • Medical Expenses
  • Baggage lost (For Outstation Trip)
  • Financial Emergencies (For Outstation Trip)

You can opt the customer trip insurance by paying an additional premium. Please go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy for the details while opting for the option.

8- Do Rating and Feedback of Ola or Uber Cab

This is very important. You should always do a rating and submit feedback on your ride. Whenever book any cab then we check the rating of the cab. So, if you will submit your rating and feedback for the cab ride then it will be helpful.

If your ride was bad and you didn’t find it satisfactory then mention it in your feedback. If you feel necessary then you must report it also.

You should always be careful while using Ola/Uber or any other taxi. Either you are in your city or another city be careful.